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Going in strong!

In 14 hours I will be heading into the surgery center to treat my Ocular Melanoma. Despite the other challenges I have faced this past week, I am going in strong!

Thank you for your support

I am feeling confident and relaxed because I have had the most amazing support from family and friends. I am very humbled by all of cards, hugs, well wishes, comfort foods, gift cards, cozy clothes, motivational gifts, care packages, meals, flowers, balloons, and letters. Tonight a friend dropped off a gift from the staff and students at my school. I held back the tears but I was so comforted that 500 students thought about me and the staff I love dearly has my back! I am beyond grateful for the huge circle of people that are praying for me. When people pray passionately and purposefully, according to God's will, God responds powerfully! Your prayers are the force behind my strength.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you'll never see a shadow

I have had a few surgeries over the years for kidney stones and to bring my babies into this world. I am a firm believer that going into a surgery with positive thinking will lead to a faster recovery. I think the connection between mind and body is a huge part of self-healing. I have bounced back from my other surgeries. This one is no exception. Research backs this up too. According to FedHealth Studies have shown that happy people cope better with stress, are more resilient, have stronger immune systems, and live longer. Psychology Today quotes Dr. Deepak Chopra, "The belief the mind is "real" medicine is proven by the placebo effect. When given a sugar pill in place of a prescription drug, an average of 30% of subjects will show a positive response What causes this response isn't a physical substance but the activity of the mind-body connection. He says that expectations are powerful. If you think you've been given a drug that will make you better, often that is enough to make you better." I am going to walk into my surgery tomorrow large and in charge. I am in charge of how I feel and today. Tomorrow and the days that follow I will choose happiness.

I'm ready

I ate a hearty meal for dinner, I have my stash of comfy clothes nearby, my candles are by my bedside, spa stuff set up by my phone, prescriptions filled, and my audio books are loaded up on my phone.

Tomorrow, I will give cancer a big kick in the ass and I am going in strong!

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